No, but you could get other types of short-term loans. Georgia payday laws concern the lending of small loans in Atlanta. According to Georgia Codes 16-17-1 et seq. (crimes and offenses), 7-3-14 et seq. (industrial loans) and 80 3-1.02(7) (company rules and regulations), providing payday loans to residents of this state is illegal. In 2004, the state passed a resolution that made payday lending a felony. These laws apply to both storefront and online lenders.

State laws place a small loan annual percentage rate (APR) cap of 16%. Since this is considerably lower than the triple digit APRs that payday lenders usually charge, getting legal payday loans in Atlanta, GA is not really possible. Many borrowers turn to installment loans instead.

Compare short-term loan providers
Installment loans allow you to pay back your loan in fixed payments over a set period of time. There are lenders that offer this type of loan to borrowers with less-than-stellar credit, as long as they meet other eligibility criteria. Installment loans are similar to payday loans in that they have very high interest rates, and therefore risk to consider before you apply.