Adding only good exchanges…. I don’t know which exchanges are good and bad. They all look good until one day they don’t work. Mintpal was a good exchange. Cryptsy was (arguably) a good exchange. Allcrypt was good. Coinex was good. I don’t want to endorse anybody. This is just a place where everything is listed, «The good, the bad, the ugly.» My years of exchanges watching has taught me not to trust any of them.У нас на сайте вся информация.
I also want to create some kind of paper trail for their existence. I think it at least provides a little closure for people to come cross a post that says «this exchange was offline on xyz date.» I try to grab a screenshot of closing messages when I can.
I try to keep up with publicly known issues and list those exchanges on a Caution list, but otherwise I don’t have time keep up with whats going on a 100 exchanges. It would be nice if someone else could step in and do that.

Remember, you’re welcome to fork this list and do anything you want with it.

All in all, this is just a casual work, and I appreciate any help to keep it current.